MEDS Canadian Compounding Pharmacy

2920 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON, M8X 1B6

For over 70 years we have been at the heart of three of Toronto’s favourite neighbourhoods – High Park, the Junction and the Kingsway. Our award-winning pharmacy team prides itself not only in our knowledge of medications but also in our commitment to our customers.

Our strength is our MEDS CARES commitment. It is how we as independently owned pharmacies stand apart from the conventional chain pharmacy. Caring is a commitment we make to every customer. A commitment to care for the small things. The things that matter to you and your family everyday. To check in on you from time to time. To make it easier to time your prescription renewal. To provide you with unique packaging for your prescription – making it easier to remember. To adjust the dosage of your medication. To provide you with an easier way to take your medication. But most of all – to know you. Because when we get to know you and your unique needs we can use our expertise and experience to show you how we care. That's what MEDS CARES is all about.

Whether you are having trouble swallowing your medication, need a medication that is no longer available or just want a pharmacy that makes it easy and convenient to fill your prescription, MEDS is for you.

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